Two abstract rocks and one weird test rock

Title:Two abstract rocks and one weird test rock



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Artist:Lena Shore


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I’m still painting and playing with rocks. They make nice quick projects to start off the morning.

  1. Pink black spiral rock: This was a a practice rock. It’s thin slices of clay overlapped to encase the rock. Then smoothed, baked, sanded, and buffed. It’s not very pretty. But, it was good practice for more things to come and used up some left-over canes I had laying around.
  2. Pink, white, orange rock: Paint pens on rock. I loved how rough this rock was. It make the paint pens come out really soft and muted. Sort of a washed feeling. I just made up the design as I went. Big lines first. Filling in with different colors not thinking about it too much.
  3. Green and blue rock: Same idea as the other abstract one. Just different colors. The texture of the rock made the colors much more opaque looking.

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  1. Kevin Pettway on September 6, 2017 at 7:05 am

    I am not really an “abstract art” kinda guy, but all three of these are really captivating. I can’t even pick a favorite. Well done!

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