My Birthday Haul

Every year for our birthdays, Kevin and I celebrate it with “The Bag O Crap”. We treat it more like a stocking with stocking stuffers. You can see the cool monster bag in the background that we’ve used for years now. However, this year, I made out pretty good. No crap. All good stuff! All kinds of fun stuff for my studio. Thanks Kevin!

  • Hand and neck mannequins (for jewelry photos)
  • Two stevia sweetened chocolate bars
  • Orange calcite
  • Bag of green/blue glass
  • Green kinetic sand
  • DC comics book
  • King Tut Tomb book
  • Clinique sonic face cleaner
  • Silly little toy beaver family I walked by and said “that’s so cute”.
  • Texture block
  • Grapefruit lip balm
  • Super strong tape
  • Jade money frog
  • Chasing hammer
  • Teeny anvil to go with said hammer


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