Fall Leaves Necklace

Title:Fall Leaves Necklace



Art Type:

Artist:Lena Shore



Finished my necklace, whew. Am I a glutton for punishment or what? I think I made about 100 leaves.

I created them out of different color mixes of clay and pressed the texture from both sides with leaves from the yard (or maybe the neighbor’s yard. Hee hee.) Then they were tinted with pigments to give them more of a earthy-leafy feel. The berries were done from a leftover cane from my mistletoe project. Then I ingeniously tented my work improperly and toasted everything. It turned out to be a happy accident and made the colors even better. Mistakes for the win!

I’m very happy with this project.

Lena-Shore-Fall-Leaves-Necklace-1 Lena-Shore-Fall-Leaves-Necklace-2 Lena-Shore-Fall-Leaves-Necklace-3 Lena-Shore-Fall-Leaves-Necklace-5 Lena-Shore-Fall-Leaves-Necklace-6

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